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Final Marketing Plan

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Final Marketing Plan


Final Marketing Plan
      This company specializes in a medium priced coffee that would appeal to all income classes. The company specialized it by using a single origin coffee bean. The company decided on a 100% Arabia bean from Costa Rica because it has great soil to grow coffee beans in. The company will provide marketing information for the sale of whole bean, ground, and espresso pods. The name of this company is Caffe Umbria.
      Caffè Umbria is currently served in hundreds of cafés and fine dining establishments throughout North America, from the Bellagio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas to the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. To each of their customers, Caffe Umbria guarantees unmatched quality, freshness, and professional service.”   (http://www.caffeumbria.com/v2/history.html).
      The price of high-quality coffee being what it is has alienated a good part of the market.   Therefore, Caffe Umbria will now be offering a median priced product, as they believe that this will allow them to capture a piece of a target market that is being underutilized.   The new products will be made from the Arabica coffee bean, which will be imported from Costa Rica.   Arabica coffee accounts for 75-80% of the world’s coffee production.
Strategy and Positioning
The SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization. When an individual opens a coffee shop, the coffee shop owner will need to know the difference between the different flavors of coffee and the different kinds of roast, which range from medium to dark roast. The organization will need to determine between good and bad. To have a successful business the owner would have to have a plan and ideas, so the company would stand out and put the fear into the company’s competitors.
The strengths of the coffee shop will need to stand out like no other coffee shop would stand out, like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. The company will...

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