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Final Goodbye I Longed For Essay

  • Submitted by: Brelicious
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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The Final Goodbye I Longed For.
A morning of frequent phone calls with flustered relatives on the other end. I was too young to comprehend the situation, but not too young to sense the disconsolation which read about my mother's face. Within a blink of an eye we bolted out the front door and into the sleek crimson red vehicle. I didn't know this sudden and unusually urgent road trip would hinder my life. Everything seemed fine, but my future soon withheld many eerie hospital visitations, which lead to the darkly hazed afternoon when he was pronounced ... breathless. 
It was just another one of those sulphurous summer days with luminous blue skies and not a cloud was in sight. My mom drove anxiously over the tsunami of roadways that made up the Courtney Campbell Causeway. I clinched my seatbelt and held on for dear life as my mother bobbed and weaved through the 12 o’clock traffic. She barely missed the shiny bumpers of the cars that quickly faded behind us in the distance. She turned the final corner like a nascar speed racer and I peeped over my window to see my Grandfather’s pale yellow house. We pulled in to cobbled driveway and I slung open the car door without allowing the car to come to a halt. I raced up the creaky wooden steps and waited for my grandpa to greet me at the door with an amorous hug, but my daydream didn’t come true. I took matters into my own hands and invited myself inside just to find my grandfather curled in the fetal position in the center of the caramel brown sofa. I thought he was horsing around, so I pounced on his back playfully. He belted out an ear-splitting groan then I knew he was in serious agony. My grandmother vociferated from the kitchen telling me to stay out of his way so he could rest and recollect his strength. I rubbed my grandfather’s boney back and walked to the kitchen with my head held low. As I entered the cinnamon aroma filled kitchen my mom quickly heartened me. She picked me up and fixed me upon the extremely...

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