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Film Analysis the Dark Knight

  • Submitted by: pataak6
  • on March 31, 2014
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Myles Odeyemi
The Dark Knight
Christopher Nolan

Costume and props- The Characters in this film are mostly wearing casual clothes. This fits the mood because it has a mysterious mood, and the only people with major props are Batman and joker. The costume changes are not very noticeable.
Setting and Background- The setting fits the scene very well it's not too distracting, it's just right.   They don't steal my attention from the shot or anything, the back ground actually helps it fit more. They are in the City and it fits the mood pretty well.
Acting- the acting was very good in this film, I believed the characters, and the actors made the characters seem very real.
Camera Techniques- The director mostly did full shots, and close ups in this film.
Music- The music fits into the film really well, because it is a lot of Mysterious and intense music that makes you wonder what is going to happen next.   It keeps you into the movie and doesn't let you get distracted.
Pacing and Organization- This movie flows very well for the most part, they do not go to fast or too slow.
Writing- The story and the plot and the dialogue is very intense the beginning of the movie              
Summary- The joker is trying to take over Gotham with his villains and it’s up to Bruce Wayne (Batman) to stop him.
Opinion-   In my opionion this was a intense but good movie.   It kept me interested towards the end of the film.

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