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Film Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Meagan Davis
Professor Rose
Industry Insiders
7 February 2012
The Anniversary Party
Initially, I was intimidated by the concept of taking “Industry Insiders,” an advanced class under the film school, as a non-film major. My anxiety intensified after missing the first class due to annoying business holds, which barred me from registering. After screening The Anniversary Party during the first class I attended, and discovering I was able to actively participate in the interview afterwards, without sounding like the “non-major” in the theater, I gained confidence in my decision to register and realized that the information taken from this class would be not only applicable, but also highly beneficial to my career in Public Relations and Advertising. Not knowing exactly what to look for during my first screening, I sank into my seat and enjoyed The Anniversary Party, letting the cinematic illusions bring about emotions, without recognizing the director’s manipulation, or analyzing their significance to the film. I did involuntarily make connections between events in the film and situations I have personally experienced.   In the one class that I presumed to be most irrelevant to my major, providing amusement at best, I gained pertinent insight as a Public Relations and Advertising student and unintentionally made impressive personal connections.
This realization came about while the class was interviewing JoAnne Sellar, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Hearing Sellar describe the production process so nonchalantly translated the filmmaking process from an unfathomable, alien feat, to a human accomplishment that I could wrap my mind around. The relaxed manner in which she responded to the student-generated questions allowed me to think about, and understand the production process, and different elements that were utilized in the film. Hearing other students ask questions about different stages of making the film helped me simplify the process even more. I established...

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