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Fight Club Book Review

  • Submitted by: prettygirl07
  • on April 17, 2015
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Fight Club Review assignment
A man who works for a major car company can't sleep. Although he doesn't have any of the associated sufferings, he stumbles across support groups, as he wants to let out emotions, which in turn is allowing him to sleep. But these support groups is ruined when he meets a woman named Marla Singer, she is also going to all these support group meetings. He knows she too is not suffering with any of the maladies.
His life gets turned up and down when he meets a soap maker named Tyler Durden, who in many ways is the antithesis of the sleepless person. Due to unusual circumstances with his own condo, the narrator moves in with Tyler, who lives in a large neglected house in an abandoned part of town. After a bit of spontaneous fights with Tyler in a bar parking lot, the narrator finds it becomes a ritual between the two of them, which is helping him cope with the other more difficult aspects of his life. The fights also attract a following, others who not only want to watch but join in. 
Discovering that there are other men like them, the narrator and Tyler begin a secret fight club. As the fight club's popularity grows, so does its freedom in all aspects. Marla becomes a part, not of the fight clubs but of Tyler and the narrator’s lives. As the nature of the fight clubs becomes out of control in the narrators view, the narrators life, in association, where he no longer have control over what is happening around him, or how he can gets out of it without harming himself.
I remember hearing things about Fight Club, a few weeks back. When watching the movie with the class it completely blew my mind. I have never seen a film this crazy. I think the film has a lot of violence in it witch I think is a bit to much, but there are people who watch it for the violence, and I don’t believe that it is really not about that at all. I’m not usually a huge fan of these types of movies, but it is by far the best film I have seen in its category. I think...

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