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Field Research Paper Your Baby Can Read

  • Submitted by: singram
  • on March 23, 2012
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Running Head: Field Research Your Baby Can Read 1

Your Baby Can Read
Santina Ingram
March 17, 2012
Katie Albach

Your Baby Can Read 2
Not only is it important to nurture a baby during the incubation period, it is critical that he or she have experiences that stimulate growth once they enter the world. They like to observe things around them and explore anything they set their eyes on.   Despite sleeping a huge percentage of the day, babies still experiences powerful changes are occurring in the five major areas of development. These stages include physical, cognitive, emotional and social, language, and sensory and motor skills development.   Research indicates that the best way to help a baby grow is through constant communication. In fact, babies who are talked to throughout their first few years usually learn language skills more easily than those who are not. Based on the presented facts, parents quickly realize the importance of every area and the media works diligently to promote this realization. Experts say that the first five years of a baby’s life are the most crucial. This is the period they learn the most and as parents you need to tap into this phase for your baby’s own growth and development.  
Advertisements tend to illustrate different products designed to impact the development of babies in more or more of the critical areas. One product, in particular is Your Baby Can Read. This program provides five DVDs to keep babies entertained, five sets of sliding cards, five lift and flap books, parent guide, and teaching cards. Apart from language, reading is the second most important skill babies pick up. Unfortunately, not many parents know the proper technique to teach their baby to read. Using this program will ensure the learning procedure is in place. The components of this program allow babies to see the words, hear the words, hear and see the meaning, and to do actions related to the word. Your Baby Can Read...

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