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1. Analyze a historic speech using rhetorical devices and appeals
2.   Understand the power of written and spoken word to influence cultures and history
3.   Develop strong analysis skills
(1-3 due by Thursday for MAJOR ASSESSMENT/QTR 3 “EXAM”!)
4.   Then, deliver a speech in a logical manner and employ effective delivery skills

EXPLANATION OF ASSIGNMENT: One of the ways to learn how to create better speeches is to read important speeches from the past. For this assignment, you are to find a speech given by a real person in history and evaluate the greatness of the speech using the elements discussed in class. You will also explore the use of rhetorical devices and appeals.

1.   Discuss historical background of the speech and the speaker (this means you will have to do research—Proquest.com and Google sites are acceptable but make sure Google sites are valid and reliable.)
2.   Identify and explain the persuasive techniques AND appeals used the speech.
o Explain these techniques by using direct quotations from the speech. This will make the technique more clear to audience
o Point out examples of the three appeals and discuss the effect on the audience
3.   Evaluate the greatness of the speech using at least three elements discussed in class
4.   Be sure you make a claim about why the speech is so effective. This should be your CLAIM/ASSERTION/THESIS
5.   Upload your completed outline to turnitin.com
1. The analysis should be as simple and clear as possible.
2. Focus on analysis, not description. Keep asking yourself: Am I making some judgment on this speech? Remember that criticism can be both positive and constructive.
3. Just because this is just an outline, does not mean that you should not be thorough. I am looking for a comprehensive view of why this speech is effective or how it works to assert the author’s argument....

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