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Female Masculinity Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Female Masculinity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Understanding the role kleos (fame) plays in the lives of women in ancient times can be key to unlocking the links of the zero sum game to that of masculinity. And for some women of the ancient times kleos meant controlling masculinity through means of suicide. The works of Antigone by Sophocles and Lucretia by Livy are staples of the Zero Sum Game. Meaning that these two works highlight the dynamics of when a woman becomes more masculine, the men around her in turn become more feminine. Antigone seeks kleos and dies for her beliefs while Lucretia wishes to protect her kleos and dies to maintain her chasity. Antigone and Lucretia seek different things but in similar ways and they obtain these seeking’s by taking on temporary masculine roles.  
In Antigone, her ekthroi (enemy) equates to her uncle who also serves as the state. “I would never have defied the citizens to do this labor if the oozing corpse were that of my own child, or if my husband lay there dead. In satisfaction of what law do I say this? My husband dead, I could have had another, and a child from someone else, if I had lost the first; but with my mother and my father both concealed in Hades, no more brothers ever could be born (Sophocles', 1998, pp. 58 Lines 905-912).” She her loyalties lay in her home, she has more of a relationship with the dead then the living; the dead therefore are her philoi (friend). Antigone could not have just stood by was one of her brothers were not given a proper burial, it was her duty to honor each member of her family, trader to the land or not. Her uncle Kreon did not share these same views of honor.

Her battles with Kreon are within the realms of the public. It is the public law that she defies when she choses to give her trader brother a burial. On the other hand, her choice of giving her brother a burial is in the private realm. “For anyone who rules the city as a whole and does not hold on the counsels that are best, but keeps a lock fixed on his tongue...

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