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Fear Essay

  • Submitted by: xlaura36x
  • on April 16, 2015
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Fear is something that many of us experience on a daily basis. It gives us unpleasant feelings; making us nervous at times.   Fear is a weakness in us humans, for it hinders us from doing things that we are capable of doing. It may also cause us to run away from our problems instead of facing them .I choose to overcome my fear and never let it bring me down.
My greatest fear in life is not a common fear. I am not afraid of the dark, death, heights, snakes, or any other terror on the list of typical scares. In fact, my fear is not even external but within me. It is the fear that, when death comes knocking on my door and I start to look back on my life, I will have regrets. I will regret that I wasted all the time that I had, doing nothing at all that would keep alive my legacy. My fear is that I am wasting my life. I am a fan of living it to the absolute fullest, not sitting on the couch wasting time. This is why I have always wanted to be a nurse and make a difference in people’s lives.
People react differently to fear. Some people panic while others appear cool as a cucumber. For myself, I become a “Nervous Nelly”. I start to play out every scenario in my head and think of what can happen. My palms of my hands become clammy and anxiety starts to set in. Then I take a deep breath and remind myself there is nothing that I cannot get through and I will not let it ruin my legacy.
We might choose things that hurt us to mask the fear. Some could become distant, work too much, or become too hard on family and friends. These things just push our fear in deeper. What I have learned is that fear can be conquered with God and prayer. He gave, and gives me, courage to do things I never imagined I could do. So no matter what my problem or fear is all about, I just ask God to help me get through it and not let stop me from living my life to the fullest.
Fear is defined as "a painful emotion or passion excited by the expectation of evil, or the apprehension of impending...

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