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Faulkner Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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He is stopped by a police officer, or "the law" as he calls him, who wants to know who he is and where he is going.   All he says is that he has to get to his brother in Memphis.   The officer puts him in the bus station under the watchful eye of the ticket clerk and tells him to wait while he goes and gets a Mrs. Habersham.   While they are waiting, he tries to negotiate the seventy-two cent bus ticket to Memphis by offering the clerk the shikepoke egg.   Eventually, the law and Mrs. Habersham (a social worker?) return, and they decide to put him on the bus, assuming he knows where in Memphis to find his brother.   Mrs. Habersham pays for his ticket and the law brings him a sandwich, and he boards the bus.  

The bus ride is a revelation.   For the first time, he sees the world beyond his family farm and Frenchmen's Bend.
I seen all the towns. I seen all of them.   When the bus got to going good, I found out I was jest about wore out for sleep.   But there was too much I hadn't ever saw before.   We run out of Jefferson and run past fields and woods, then we would run into another town and out of that un and past fields and woods again, and then into another town with stores and gins and water tanks, and we run along the railroad for a spell and I seen the signal arm move, and then I seen the train and then some more towns, and I was jest about wore out for sleep, but I couldn't risk it.   Then Memphis begun.   It seemed like, to me, it went on for miles.   We would pass a patch of stores and I would think that was sholy it and the bus would even stop.   But it wouldn't be Memphis yet and we would go on again past water tanks and smokestacks on top of the mills, and if they was gins and sawmills, I never knowed there was that many and I never saw any that big, and where they got enough cotton and logs to run um I don't know.

Finally the bus stops in downtown Memphis, and the city is bigger and faster and busier than he ever imagined.   He asks the bus driver where...

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