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Farewell Senses Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 838 words

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Here in this post I want to share a personal experience. As I work in a company and employee cards are mandatory for entry in office. The Security Guards are very strict in this matter. Sometimes, I forget my employee card at home, request him (security guard) to let me enter in the office but he forced me to go back home and bring the employee card, then he will allow me to enter in. Though, I am here in this office since last two years and almost all the security guards are familiar with me, they recognize me and daily exchange greetings. So, by chance if now, I forget my employee card they let me go inside the office but one of them is too strict. I never see smile on his face or politeness in his vice. When I find his duty on the main gate I never tried to request him to let me go inside the office because it’s the saying of my teacher “Don’t say that words or don’t perform that actions where you have not above 80% chances of success”. Now, as I know the strict nature of that security guard, I don’t have even 5% surety that my request (to enter in the office without card) will be granted. So, when I reach office first I check my employee card, if I have, I show it to him, he slightly nodes and I enter. In other case if I forget my card at home, and that specific guard is on duty, I turned back to home for my employee card. In short, all other security guards have some soft corner but that one specific security guard is typically represents the Adolf Hittler, stone hearted.
Now I draw your attention towards my other experience which is related to above mentioned text.
Mostly, it has been witnessed that whenever we have to stop at signal, we restlessly wait for the green light and mostly start our journey even before the light turns green. Now, if a pretty girl is crossing the road or walking along the road, all the bike rider’s neck will move like radar, targeted to that girl and they don’t ready to move even though the light turns green. The voices of car...

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