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Family Cultural Assessment Essay

  • Submitted by: kissbam610
  • on March 24, 2012
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Joel Zwick’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, is an independent picture which débuted in 2002 along with a string of other romantic comedies. The movie is a comical embrace and celebration of Greek culture. In some ways it pokes fun at the Greek family but in a kind gentle hearted way. The Portokalos family values could apply equally to any ethnic clan, regardless of whether they're Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish, etc. “Culture is usually viewed as a blueprint for our way of living, thinking, behaving, and feeling. It circumscribes and guides the ways in which societies and ethnic groups solve their problems and derive meaning from their lives.”(Bowden, Friedman & Jones, 2003).” You can surely see how this families Greek culture has influenced every part of their lives.
Description of Movie Family
The movies centers around the Portokalos family which consists of mother, Maria, father, Gus and their children, daughter Athena, daughter Toula and son Nick. The family lives in the suburbs of Chicago in a white stucco house with a huge Greek flag on the wall and Greek statues in the yard. As the movie opens we meet Toula, who is 30 years old still living with her parents and working in the family restaurant the “Dancing Zorba’s”. She has pretty much given up on being the typical Greek woman. “The three primary rules of life for a young Greek woman are to (1) marry a Greek boy, (2) make Greek babies, and (3) feed everyone for the rest of your life”(www.reelviews.net). This fact worries her father and mother because unlike her sister who is married with children, Toula has no interest in becoming a wife and mother. Toula’s brother Nick is told not to rush when getting married in a conversation with his father. When Toula decides she wants to take a computer class, it is her mother who takes on the job of convincing Gus to pay for her education. Maria tells Toula “Your father is the head of the family but I am the neck and the neck controls the head”....

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