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Family Essay

  • Submitted by: matravis
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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In all societies, family is the primary institution where there are adult intimate relationships, socialization of children, economic support, and collaboration. Sociologists study family. They have assessing role for predicting family-based social patterns, describing and explaining families. It is an important unit in society and has an essential role in fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of individuals.
Problem Statement
The family is a vital and natural part of the fundamentals of a healthy society. There are two important structures of the family, nuclear family that is made up of mother, father and children and extended family which consists of a nuclear family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. This study discusses the role of the family in the society.  
One of the important roles is to demonstrate the much-needed love between wife and husband. This relationship is to perfect Jesus Christ’s way of love by loving, nourishing and cherishing each other as the best treasurable thing in their lives (Erik and Elena, 2012). If we apply this principle then the society would drastically change for the better providing people happiness as each generation shadows in the ways of the previous one.
In addition, the family has a role or function of adding new family members either through adoption or procreation. Children born expand families and strengthen and renew the society. It continues the family line. Besides, a society with a vibrant economy depends on a firm population.   Stable economy relies on a stable workforce. If there is not enough workers who are paying taxes, government’s ability to provide social services will be affected (Zimmerman, 2010).
Furthermore, the family allows skills like parenting and home building to be passed down rather than having each generation learn over and over again. It provides mutual support, and every member is given a richer feeling of continuity. Also, it...

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