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Fair Trade Essay

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Below is an essay on "Fair Trade" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is fair trade?
  * In the UK, fairtrade foundation was established in 1992, with the first product to carry the fair trade mark launch in 1994
  * Fairtrade is a trading partnership that focuses on developing poorer producers, by providing better trading conditions, raising awareness of their situation, and campaigning. 
  * It creates opportunities for producers and workers who have been economically disadvantaged by trading system.
What is Fair trade Mark?
  * The Fairtrade Mark is an independent consumer label awarded in the UK by the Fairtrade Foundation.
  *   It guarantees that the product fulfils Fairtrade criteria.
  * The Fairtrade Mark is only available on those products which have internationally-agreed Fairtrade criteria attached to them

  * It represents products which are fairtrade around the world.
  * The symbol is open to interpretation-some see a parrot, some see a green leaf and others see a black swirl at the centre as a road leading to a brighter future.

Fair trade standards
  * Pay at least a price to producers that cover the cost of sustainable production.
  * Pre-financing for producers who require it.
  * Sign contract that allow for long term planning and sustainable production practices.

How does fair trade support communities?

  * It gives them better opportunities and easy way of living .
  * It reduces the extreme poverty which is their main issue.
  * Fair trade   meets   the countries needs which helps the growth of it economically .
  * That means that people who fall under that poverty line the world’s population lack the ability to fulfill basic needs such as eating only one bowl of rice a day or forgoing health care when it’s needed most.
  * The fair trade program is designed specifically to reach and provide a pathway out of poverty for the extreme poor.
  * This means that they will have a better life and better society.
  * Places such as Africa suffer from poverty...

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