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Failing Is Good Essay

  • Submitted by: els5371
  • on April 1, 2014
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In high school, students are varied among many groups of people who have different educational abilities and varied amount of motivation. Whether classes are split based on academic performance or intended future plans, legally, each student has no other option but to devote 180 days of the year to an educational institution. Some students take school extremely seriously, knowing their future depends on the knowledge retained. Students who are motivated typically succeed and excel in their academic performance. Other students however attend school simply because they are forced to. High school students should not fail when satisfactory skills are deficient. Instead, students should be forced to participate in after school programs in order to learn and strengthen skills that are lacking.
Teachers do not want to fail students. Therefore, those who either do not care, or lack the motivation to do well get a low C and are pushed onto the next class. Although the C was rewarded, the student typically did not deserve it and the material taught is not retained. After passing the class with material not understood, the student then has an even greater challenge when expected to build on the knowledge from the previous class.
As in the words of Mary Sherry, “A wise teacher, with the support of his parents, gave our son the opportunity to succeed - or fail. It’s time we return this choice to all students” (Sherry 566). Students who fail get an underlying impression of themselves as failures. If the student does fail and is forced to either retake the class or repeat the grade, the student is going to lack motivation and consider himself a failure because he failed once already. The drive for success will continue to be absent. In the end, this is going to diminish the student’s self-worth and learned helplessness will become a driving factor in and out of the school atmosphere. Internally, a natural feeling of insignificance and lack of intelligence is going to be...

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