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Factors Causing Change In Australian Communities Essay

  • Submitted by: Derick
  • on March 22, 2012
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Factors Causing Change in Australian Communities
Factors causing/contributing to changes to Australian communities include:
Changing Nature And Patterns Of Work
Australian work communities are experiencing change. The nature of work and the patterns of Australians' working lives are changing. Many say globalisation is the reason. Some say it is to boost productivity and provide flexibility for people such as, workers, employers, and businesses that make up our new economy. These issues are clearly seen when we look at our changing work patterns.
There are multiple changes to work patterns in Australian communities, such as the hours people work, the participation of women in the labour force and the use of technology, as well as a change in the type of work chosen by Australians.
Cultural Integration
Different cultures are also becoming more alike and therefore are linked. We see changes in cultural integration through the food we eat, the sports we play and the music we listen to. Cultural integration occurs when communities and governments work together to celebrate diversity, improve community services, meet diverse community needs and address community problems.
The celebration and promotion of cultural integration, such as during local festivals, can offset the often negative media of multicultural communities as 'ethnic ghettoes' or 'no go zones'. Cabramatta, has been unfairly seen and known as being a 'no go zone' of drug deals and Asian gangs, where Vietnamese rule the community through fear and criminal activity. Crime and social problems are found in all communities and it is our shared responsibility to remove these. Cultural integration is one way we can achieve this in Australia.
Demographic Change
The Australian population is becoming increasingly multicultural, with migrants from a large range of countries.
The ageing of the population is changing due to increased life expectancy and a drop in fertility rates, having large economic and...

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