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Facebook And Skype Essay

  • Submitted by: drassler
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Facebook and Skype are two ways to communicate.   On both Facebook and Skype, it is necessary to add friends in order to communicate.   Additionally, communicating with multiple people is possible.   Updating friends is easy by using status updates on both Facebook and Skype.   One difference is that Facebook uses written communication and Skype uses both written and oral communication.   On Skype, a video camera is needed, unlike on Facebook.   On Skype, the number of people capable of communicating at one time is limited, but on Facebook, communication is not limited to a fewer number of friends.   In today’s world, communication is possible in many ways; Facebook and Skype are just two of them.
Facebook and Skype have similarities.   To communicate one must add friends to his account.   Both people must agree to be a friend of one another on Facebook and Skype.   Communicating to multiple people is possible on both Facebook and Skype.   By communicating with many people at one time, it is easy to update friends.   Status updates let friends know what is going on in one`s life.   It is a quick way to notify many of plans, updates, and life changes.   Along with similarities, there are also differences between Facebook and Skype.
One difference between the two is Facebook allows only written communication and Skype uses both written and oral communication.   Oral communication allows the subject to be present.   On Skype, if one wants to see a friend, he must a video camera.   Facebook does not allow people to see live persons, only pictures from the past.   Due to computer capacity limitations, oral communication is limited to five to ten people on Skype.   On Facebook once a status update is posted, all friends may see this update.   When communicating with many friends, Facebook is the preferred method.
There are many similarities and differences between Facebook and Skype.   Due to oral communication on Skype, it is present material.   However, Facebook allows updates to all...

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