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f Commerce Essay

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f-commerce FAQ
F-commerce helps you facilitate and
execute sales transactions using

V 1.0 April 2011 Social Commerce Today

f-commerce FAQ
1. What is f-commerce?
2. What is the size of the f-commerce market?
3. What’s the purpose of f-commerce?
4. Who is doing f-commerce?
5. What is industry saying about f-commerce?
6. What are the arguments in favour of f-commerce?
7. What are the arguments against f-commerce?
8. Where’s the evidence that f-commerce can work?
9. What are the dierent types of f-commerce?
10. For "On-Facebook" f-commerce, what are the options?
11. For "O-Facebook" f-commerce, what’s available?
12. What are some useful tips for getting started with f-commerce?
13. What are some of the notable examples of f-commerce?
14. What are some of the leading f-commerce software vendors?
15. Where to go for more information about f-commerce?

f-commerce FAQ
1. What is f-commerce?
Simple Definition: Facebook Commerce is selling with Facebook
Full Definition: F-Commerce, derived from e-commerce, is the use of Facebook as a
platform for facilitating and executing sales transactions - either on Facebook itself or
externally via the Facebook Open Graph.  F-commerce is a form of social commerce, the use
use of social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to
assist in the online buying and selling of products and services
Examples of f-commerce include
• 1-800-Flowers f-store: The first ever store in Facebook that supported transactions
within the network itself (The first ever transaction took place at 11:50 am EST on July 8,
2009 for bouquet of flowers ‘A Slice of Life’ bouquet)
• Levi's Friends Store: One of the first e-commerce sites to use Facebook social plugins to
oer instant personalisation. Friends logging into the site using their Facebook
credentials can view items popular among their friends and other Facebook users,...

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