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Exploring Project Procurement Essay

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Exploring Project Procurement Management:   What does it involve and
How it can be applied?
Kelley L. Clanton
Northcentral University

This paper explains what project procurement management is and how vital it is to the completion of a project.   Fleming (2003) defines the processes that make up project procurement management as well as the benefits of placing various procurements into generic categories or families.   This paper will dive into those processes and see which ones can be applied to a proposed project for some new computer labs.   In addition, it will describe how project procurement management can help project managers be successful in managing complex projects.
Keywords:   project procurement management, process, scope, buyer, seller

Exploring Project Procurement Management:   What does it involve and
How can it be applied?
Projects routinely require procurements.   All projects need materials, equipment, consultants, training, and many other goods and services (some of which must be acquired from external sources).   Thus, project procurement management is the process of purchasing the goods and services necessary for meeting the needs of the project scope.   According to Fleming (2003) and the Project Management Institute, project procurement management is broken down into six distinct processes:   Plan Purchases and Acquisitions, Plan Contracting, Request Seller Responses, Select Sellers, Contract Administration, and Contract Closure.   This paper addresses each of these processes by applying them to a proposed project for a couple of new computer labs at a university.
The process of Plan Purchases and Acquisitions occurs at the beginning of a new project.   It identifies which parts of a project should be procured from an outside source.   Plan Purchases and Acquisitions focuses on four elements:...

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