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Exploring Personality Theories Essay

  • Submitted by: sll135
  • on April 14, 2015
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LASA 2: Exploring Personality Theories

When it comes to The Five Factor Model of Personality it’s hard for me to tell if I was born with Extroversion of it was learned. I have to agree with the saying, “Everyone can change even their most basic qualities” (Gerrig, 2012) I say that because when I was younger I was a talkative and very outgoing child. As I grew older I was more aware of children judgment and their opinion. Their opinions ultimately altered my talkativeness and just being overall a happy child. I clung mostly to the children that didn’t speak much and who pretty much sat amongst the likes of other children. I ultimately learned how to be agreeable. I was a pretty confrontational person growing up, but now with meeting new people and having different jobs and experiences I have learned that it’s not about being right. I was born with a conscious personality. I can remember my parents telling me now that I was not one of their children that were unorganized or irresponsible. I didn’t require much disciple growing up and I think it came naturally. I saw that I would receive treats and special treatment for doing things like I was expected. I can’t say that I was born with a neurotic personality. I feel I am still learning in this area because I am not a calm or stable person. My mood is always all over the place and I never seem to know why. I am always feeling on edge. Lastly, I had to learn to be open. I use to think it was my way or no way. However, that didn’t lead me anywhere but lonely. I quickly realized no one wants to hang around a know-it-all. I only wanted to do things that I was most familiar with and felt comfortable doing and it got pretty boring, pretty fast. I think personality traits are primarily environmental. People can be born to have a great personality, however, as your life progresses, you either hold on to whom you are or you simply succumb to the world and pick up traits that mold you into who you are in your adult life....

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