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Exploration of Adult/Child Relationships in Pages 23-25 Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Exploration of Adult/Child Relationships in Pages 23-25
An adult/child relationship featured in the play is the interaction between Eva and the British Organiser. Eva has arrived in Britain after being sent away from Germany by her parents. Eva communicates with the Organiser in order to learn of her fate in Britain.
The adult/child relationship featured in pages 23-25 could be seen as antagonistic. The Organiser states to himself, “I just can’t stand it when you all start crying.” This use of soliloquy in the dialogue shows the organiser as being quite selfish despite Eva’s horrendous situation. The Organiser uses his authority in an antagonistic way when giving Eva instructions, “Sit! (Eva looks at the chair and returns to it) Stay!” This imperative use of monosyllabic dialogue may represent how superior the Organiser feels in comparison to Eva.
There could be a number of reasons for the Organiser’s antagonism. In the 1930’s there were a number of British people who were prejudiced against the Jewish people. This even included key British political figures such as foreign secretary Lord Halifax who once admitted he was “slightly anti-Semitic.”
The antagonism featured in the relationship between Eva and the Organiser contrasts with the mother/daughter relationship featured earlier in the play between Eva and Helga. While Helga can at times seem to clash and argue with Eva, she ultimately just wants the best for her.
The adult/child relationship has prominence in pages 23-25 could be seen to reflect the theme of miscommunication. Eva, despite being polite, muddles her English dialect and says, “Goodbye to you.” This dialogue could represent that despite her having a seemingly poor linguistic ability, Eva is desperate to connect and make a link to this stranger. This highlights Eva’s need for adult guidance and her isolation which is brought upon her by her different language and culture. The Organiser shows a lack of understanding of German and states, “I’m...

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