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Explain the Individual Rights of People Who Use Services Essay

  • Submitted by: hothaleema
  • on April 2, 2014
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P2: Explain the individual rights of people who use services  A local health centre- short report

People who have their right to have their privacy which they don’t want the doctor would tell his colleagues or his family. A client make an appointment to see doctor, she is worry that she might have a cancer which the doctor comfort her and wouldn’t tell about this to her family or someone else. This client have their right to ask doctor to show her personal information about her. They can complain what they are not happy with the doctor or a nurse done to them, it could be wrong information details about them. Example of this, a patient is staying at hoptisal for overnight, a nurse bring them a food which is bacon sandwich but this patient is a Jewish. He is not happy when he saw this and refuses to eat them. They want to be treated fairly and no discrimination towards them. They want to have medicines any time what they want and no-one can stop them, it is up to them. Want to see the doctors if something is wrong or immediately. Can to access the services and the treatment.

Homeless people centre-short report

When you see homeless people, never discriminate against to them. Homeless people have their right to have privacy. Importantly, for their health they want to have a bed, wash, eat and home. The council must help them and get help for them. They also have the right to be respected by others despite their circumstances. You should never assume a person is homeless because of their own fault, there are lots of reasons why someone could be homeless. They also have a right to privacy and don’t have to explain to everyone why they are homeless. They should also be able to access information or medical help in the same way as everybody else. Homeless people have a right to access support & help from different organizations and services. They have a right to be with their children, or access to their children, if the circumstances allow it.

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