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Explain Natural Law Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Explain Natural Law
This theory is based on if the world was created by God, which means that this world has something of God's purpose for the world. It's believed that everything that is created with a final purpose or design. This is called the final design. The natural law then says that the universe has a natural order that works to achieve an end of purpose. Human beings are a part of this natural world and therefore they also have a purpose of nature. Aquinas believed that something is good if it fulfills its purpose or its ‘final cause’ or ‘Telos’. For example, an eye is for seeing things with, but if it doesn't work properly, it means it isn't fulfilling its purpose or reaching its Telos. Aquinas was inspired by Aristotle who said that the result in us fulfilling our purpose would be Eudemonia, which is interpreted as flourishing or happiness. Aristotle wrote in the Nicomachean Ethics that natural law is not always the same as that which is just by civil law. Aquinas and Aristotle believed that natural law applies to everyone no matter where you live: “That which is natural is unchangeable and has the same power everywhere, just as fire burns both here and in Persia”, Book V, Chapter 7 of Nicomachean Ethics. Aquinas believed that God had created the world with purpose in mind and that we need to apply reason to work out our purpose. This reason is God’s gift to humanity, and is the means by which human beings can see their telos.
There are three levels of law: Eternal: God’s mind (how the universe begun and its purpose), Divine: revealed knowledge through Jesus Christ and Human: rules invented for human communities. Aquinas believed that reason taught us God’s Natural Law and this came in the form of unchanging eternal rules called Precepts. There are five primary precepts: Self preservation and the preservation of the innocent (to look after your life and the lives of others), the continuation of the species through reproduction (carrying on life...

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