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Explain Australia's Involvement In World War 1 Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Explain Australia's Involvement In World War 1" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Australia was involved in the First World War for many reasons. These reasons comprise of, Australia being part of the British Empire, viewing the British Empire as being the Mother Country and also to show a desire that it has come of age.
4th of August 1914 was the official date when the British entered World War 1. At the start Britain’s Allies were the French, the Russians, Serbs, Belgium and Italy. On the other side fighting against them were the German, Austro-Hungarian, Turkey and Bulgaria’s Empire.
Australia had to fight to gain Britain’s protection. During the time of the war, Australia had no such thing, as an Australian citizen so therefore was British citizens. Also, the head of the state was the British King, so whatever the British King had told its Empire’s people to do through the British Colonial Office, that’s what Australia had to do.
Secondly, the cultural identity of Australia mostly relies on its language, literature, music, sport and fashion, which come from Britain. Britain is one of the major trading partners of Australia too. It is also the source of the largest percentage of Australia’s population. Britain is a major source of Australia’s political and legal system. It is the mother country.
Finally, Britain had declared war, and since Australia was part of the British Empire, they too had to be apart of the war against Britain’s enemies. Australia would be there ‘to the last man and the last shilling’ it was said. Australia also had a desire to prove the strength of the new nation, and they also had a desire to show the rest of the world that Australia was prepared to be part of the new world order.
Australia was part of the First World War because Britain was the mother country. Australia and Britain share ethnic, cultural, language and many other similarities. Whoever was Britain’s enemy, was Australia’s enemy. Australia even till today still feel a special bond with Britain and will always want to try and help in any way it can....

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