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Experimental Methods, Psychology Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Calculators and how they relate to Math Performance
Ashley L. Miller
Idaho State University

Technology use is becoming an everyday part of life, especially in the classroom. One aspect in which technology seems to be most favorable in regards to education is the usage of calculators. However, calculators are posing a unique debate among educators. This debate explores the benefits, as well as the risks that calculators impose on students. Not only do these complications impact students, though, they also influence higher cognitive functioning in terms of working memory training for all individuals. To explore this further, the present study was designed to research the relationship between calculator reliance tendencies and math performance. In order to research this, 119 participants completed a simple math task and a survey regarding these tendencies. After their data was analyzed, findings revealed a significant relationship between calculator reliance and math performance.
Keywords: calculators, math ability, working memory training

Calculators and how they relate to Math Performance
Technology is a crucial part of everyday life for humans. Everyone uses it. Many depend on it. However, is it as beneficial as we think it is? This thought is explored through the usage of calculators. Calculators enable us to perform challenging math problems in a much timelier manner and provide us with definite results, but do they take away from the learning experience?
In one particular study, psychologists were also interested in factors that influence math performance. More specifically, they conducted an experiment that compared mathematical abilities between undergraduates in 1992 and 2002. Interestingly enough, they found an alarming decline in performance across the two groups. Also, they found that the best predictor of math performance was an individual’s level of qualification in mathematics (Mulhern, G., & Wylie, J., 2004).
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