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Experience At An Art Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: Tyisha
  • on March 22, 2012
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often than not the abstract artists is not imitating nature or pursuing realism, but concerned with the spiritual or emotional state of colour and form, line and texture, balance and harmony, and will attempt to engage the viewer in a way that narrative, realistic of naturalistic art cannot.?
*Christo - The Umbrellas, Ibaraki, Japan, 1984-91
We often understand abstract only when we have experienced the artwork directly and realized that in a poetic way of our lives have been changed, as has our comprehension of what art can be and do. The artists' personal, moral and artistic imperative seems to be to only connect the elements of art and nature such as light, space and colour. An Abstract connects art and engineering to show that they are not enemy faculties, connect people with beautiful materials and structures, connect people with their past and present.
Christo's art is the creation of temporary, beautiful objects on a vast scale for spe



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