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Ew Millitary Intilligence Essay

  • Submitted by: FarhanShovon1
  • on April 17, 2015
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Marine Corps Electronic Warfare--A Combat Power Multiplier
THESIS:   If the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Commander is
to gain control and manage the electromagnetic spectrum of the
future battlefield, he must understand and integrate Electronic
Warfare (EW)   into his warfighting plans as a combat power
BACKGROUND:   History holds many lessons concerning employment and
integration of electronic warfare.   Our potential adversary--the
Soviet Union, has learned the lesson the hard way by the German
Invasion of 1941.   Other countries such as Israel, and Great
Britain have learned through war experiences that electronic
warfare is a combat power multiplier.
    Much has been written, but little is known about Electronic
Warfare.   Within the Marine Corps, electronic warfare support is
a commodity that all want but really don't know what to do with
it when they receive it. Some commanders understand and integrate
electronic warfare into their scheme of maneuver, while others
think electronic warfare can provide a force field to protect
their communications and destroy the enemy's jammers.
    The modern battlefield today overloads the electromagnetic
spectrum from command and control to modern weapon systems.   It
will tax the MAGTF commander's ability to command.   An old adage
states that without communications a commander   commands nothing.
A commander must be able to control and use the electromagnetic
spectrum while possessing the...

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