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Evils of Industrial Revolution Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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How were the evils of the Industrial Revolution addressed in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth century

The era known as the Industrial Revolution (or industrialization) was known to be the change from the use of hand methods of manufacturing to machine methods. The Industrial Revolution took place in England almost a century before any other country. It began in the late 1700’s and took its span through to the 1800’s.It brought a lot of problems to the some people of England especially the peasants. But some thinkers took charge to address these problems. Workers started forming unions, some made reforms and some proposed that the capitalism system be ended and a new era must begin.
As the industrial revolution was ongoing. Things were getting worse and worse and made the workers make a move. This move was to form unions that will bargain with their employers to lessen working time, increase wages and others. These unions worked at some places but in other places forming unions were forbidden and that anyone who tried to do that would be thrown into jail. In some other places, the unions did them a good and brought changes. The minimum working age was made nine, and those under fourteen were not to work for more than twelve hours. In some other places also one must be eighteen in other to work in the night and for more hours.
The people were suffering but thinkers did not just sit down and see them suffer. They made a move, among these move were major reforms. These reforms include the one from the Chartist. A petition made to the government to allow any man of lawful age to have the right to vote for their members of parliament, and that the elections of parliaments to be by secret ballot. Adam Smith also suggested in order for the people to have a happy life then the government must draw its stingy fingers from the economy. Also another way by Marx and Engels that would end negative effects of revolution by changing the system of capitalism to...

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