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Evidence Based Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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A 1,2.
Article | Faulconbridge, L., Wadden, T., Berkowitz, R., Sarwer, D., Womble, L., Hesson, L., Stunkard, A., &Fabricatore, A. (2009).   Changes in symptoms of depression with weight loss:   results of a randomized trial.   Obesity, 17, 1009-1016. (Faulconbridge, et al., 2009) |
Background Information | The purpose statement was:   Recent studies of rimonabant have re-awakened interest in the possible adverse psychiatric effects of weight loss, as well as of weight loss medications. This study examined changes in symptoms of depression in 194 obese participants (age = 43.7 +-10.2 years; BMI = 37.6 +-4.1 kg/m2) in a 1-year randomized trial of lifestyle modification and medication.   It is a clearly stated purpose statement that described the research problem.   The article included an unstructured abstract that included adequate information about the study, the methods, results, and conclusions, although none was labeled as such.   |
Review of Literature | The review of literature was fairly up to date.   Of the 16 sources cited, 5 were published in the five years prior and 5 others were published within the last 10 years.   The remaining sources were more than a decade old.   The different findings were thoroughly explained and the reason another study was needed was also explained in detail.   The variables were clearly stated, as was the problem.     |
Methodology | The authors used a Randomized Control Study correlational design |
Data Analysis | Changes in weight and total BDI-II scores from baseline to week 52 were examined using a repeated measures ANOVA (treatment group × time); the last observation carried forward method was used in the case of missing data. Chi-square analyses were used to compare differences among treatment groups in both decreases and increases of ≥5 points on the BDI-II. This degree of change was considered to be potentially discernible to participants (i.e., a recognizable difference in mood state) because it...

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