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Evaluation Essay

  • Submitted by: madelinecraig12
  • on April 3, 2014
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Madeline Luttrell
Brenda Miller
English 1301
12 November 2013
Smart For Two
If your looking at this review you are obviously looking at buying a new or used car, maybe even a Smart Car. Any time you spending a big chunk of cash, like buying a car, it can end up being a bigger hassle than what it is worth, especially, if you are very particular about how it drives and how comfortable it is and even down to how much space it has inside of it. When seesawing between a smart car, which is made by Mercedes, and another model of car you’re looking at a nice fuel-efficient car verses how much space you want and how many people you want inside your car. You may also be seesawing between different car brands and styles so hopefully these pros and cons will help you a little bit on whether you would want a smart car or not.
The Smart For Two is not only a small car but a short one as well. From stem to stern its full length is only 8 feet making it the shortest car available for sale on the market. Small and short what is the difference you may ask or wonder? Being small in size and in length means staying low to the ground to obtain handling while also, obtaining fuel economy. Let me just say that you can fit one of these cars in the bed of a truck. Meaning short in length you can achieve only one thing: unmetered parallel parking. From experience of parallel parking if you park it in the direct center of the spot you can fit a smart car not only in front but also behind it. The very first generation of smart car proved these points down to the exact “t.” Version 2.0 headed out in 2008, is it ready for prime time?
Version 2.0 continues to maintain its Tonka-toy figure and look at me in my designer glasses (without prescription or tint) unconventionality. Newly painted shallow curved signs around the driver are there to reassure the drivers that Smarts’ got their back (though there is nothing much behind them.) From obscure angles it can look like a Pokémon with...

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