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Evaluate the Claim That the Civil Service the 'Real' Government. Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Evaluate the Claim That the Civil Service the 'Real' Government." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Evaluate the claim that the civil service is the ‘real government’ in this country.

The Civil service is an integral and key part of the government of the United Kingdom. It supports the government of the day in developing and implementing its policies, and delivering public service. Civil servants are accountable to the ministers, who in turn are accountable to parliament.   Looking at the history of the civil service Sir Stafford Northcote first served in the Civil Service at the board of trade, he went on to work as a Private Secretary to Gladstone. His biggest impact on the Civil Service though was in 1853 when he and the Treasury Permanent Secretary Charles Trevelyan were commissioned to look up operations and organisation for the entire Civil Service. They made many recommendations many are still used today, like recruitment of civil servants, how they should be appointed on merit, by open competitive examinations; and how they should have a good generalised education, and even how promotions shoul`1d be based on performance.
Civil Servants are appointed on merit, on the basis of fair and open competition, dedications and commitment. The core values of civil servants are: integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality. This code sets the standard expected from all civil servants.   Civil servants have permanent contracts; they do not lose their jobs when the government or ministers change.   They also have security of tenure, which means they cannot be dismissed for the advice they give. They must maintain a low public profile.
Civil servants are to remain neutral, they must not engage in any political activity especially political parties. They are to serve government of any party with equal care. All civil servants are subject to the official secrets act (1911-1989), which says they are not allowed to disclose sensitive government information. Their main role is to support and offer advice on policy making, their advice and decisions must be based on...

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