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Euthnasia Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 15, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Euthnasia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I never really thought much of euthanasia before this assignment. I mean I thought about it while watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but not in a serious life-relevant matter. Off the back, I can tell you that I do support anyone who wants to end their life because they are suffering, depending on the situation. I do not mean to sound heartless, but if someone is going through a great deal of pain day in and day out, and have been for the past year(s), and has no hope in progressing, then by all means, they should be allowed to end their life if that is truly what they want. Now if one is going through mild suffering that can eventually be cured, they should not end their life, even if they so desire to. That person does not have a “duty to die” (Hardwig 178).
I agree with most of the perspectives of euthanasia from philosophers in this chapter, except John Hardwig. He does have some valid points, but some not so valid. I would like to point out one of his first statements, “the sacrifice of life is always greater than the burden of caring” (178). I will touch on this more in a later paragraph, but I disagree with his statement. Caring for a loved one is not always a burden to that person giving the caring. Ending a person’s life can leave much more of a burden on people than having to care for them.

Hardwig brings up the scenario of Captain Oates, a member of Admiral Scott’s expedition (179). A man who was very ill and decided to walk out in a blizzard, resulting in him never being seen again, i.e. committing suicide. Hardwig says, “It would have been wrong for him to urge—the rest to stay and care for him (179). I don’t see how that would be wrong for him to have done. Being a captain, I’m sure he had many who wouldn’t mind caring for him.

Hardwig talks about how medicine today is helping chronic diseases and enables many to survive life longer than we can take care of ourselves (179). Of course medicine is advancing! Scientists and...

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  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Length: 1,066 words
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