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Ethiopian and Italian War Essay

  • Submitted by: DavidBuss1
  • on April 4, 2014
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“The Rise of the Apes”
An original documentary film created by David Bus
In 1896, Ethiopia, largely armed with spears and knives, defeats a well-equipped and organized Italian military bent on colonization. On March 2, 1896, the Italians embarked on the final European conquest of an African nation, Ethiopia. With brilliant military intelligence and excellent generals at the helm, united and willed, the Ethiopian people rose their way to triumph over the Italians at the Battle of Adwa. The event ignited a lasting flame of hope, freedom and independence in the hearts of African people. Ethiopian-born director David Bus explores European colonialism from an African perspective, focusing on Ethiopia’s legendary victory over Italy at the battle of Adwa. This film will display how Ethiopia managed to thwart Italy's colonial ambitions armed only with knives and spears. The movie starts with the signing of the Treaty of Wuchale in which a misinterpreting error occurs.   Italy claims that they have possession. This enrages the Ethiopian population and it leads to the Battle of Adwa. In the Battle of Adwa, the Ethiopians fight with passion and they clearly overcome the Italian army. After that, the Italians finally signed a reformed treaty. This treaty is finally fair for both sides.   The demand for more land and wealthy resources led to a very humiliating experience for the Italians.

Prior to the First Italy-Ethiopia war, the Treaty of Wuchale was signed by Emperor Menelik II (Emperor of Ethiopia) and Count Pietro Antonelli of Italy in Wuchale, Ethiopia. It is extremely significant that the treaty was signed in Ethiopia; most of the time, Europeans expect the ones signing the treaty to come up to Europe to sign it. The treaty was meant to create a lasting peace between Ethiopia and Italy. As you will find out, this treaty never established everlasting peace that the Ethiopians and Italians were expecting. The articles I point out below are articles that deal with...

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