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Ethics Essay

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During the course of this semester, my views on many different issues were often challenged, whether it was in a conversation with my group or during a class discussion. In some cases, my views even changed, which I helped me to learn more about myself. I can say that I am not always as stubborn as I thought I was. Prior to taking this class, I felt confident in my ability to make ethical decisions. Now, I find myself looking at the details, considering all of the stakeholders and feeling a little more conflicted because ethics is more than just about right and wrong. Ethics is about defining your own value system and living by those values the best you can.

I will explain my feelings further, later in this paper. Before I do, I will analyze the Northwest Airlines vs. WCCO-TV (A) and (B) cases. I will then chart my personal ethical course or journey, and I will conclude with an overview of my semester experience.

Analyzing the “Northwest Airlines vs. WCCO (A) and (B) Cases”

This particular conflict between the airline giant and popular news channel began in the summer of 1996 when WCCO-TV made a request to Northwest Airlines (NWA) media staff for an interview with NWA CEO Dasburg. WCCO-TV wanted Dasburg to respond to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) violations and personnel issues, which were to be addressed in upcoming I-Team news segments. After a series of promotions and once the stories ran, NWA challenged WCCO-TV, a Minneapolis/St. Paul news station, on the accuracy of the stories and the way in which they were promoted, which happened to be during the television ratings period, or sweeps week. NWA made the decision to file a formal complaint through the Minnesota News Council (MNC), a well-respected 24-member committee that helps to hold media accountable for accurate and justifiable stories. NWA felt the stories hurt their reputation and business and that WCCO did not provide objective journalism.   WCCO maintained that the ads were appropriate...

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