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Ethics Essay

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Ethics and Compliance Paper
University of Phoenix

        Ethics and Compliance within any organization are vital to the financial heath of any company, without an ethically sound financial and accounting system set up within organization; success will be very hard to come by. It is even more important for a company like the Disney Company, a company the preaches or teaches kids life lessons, to have a sound ethical and have its employees adhere to a set of guidelines when it come to being a financially ethical and SEC compliant company. Disney is a publically traded company so it is held to the standards of the SEC and its shareholders. We will go over the procedures put in place to make sure Disney remains a very compliant company. We will also explain how the financial markets work in the United States and how Disney fares within this system. We will show through financial ratios the Disney is a very successful company of many years, even with its very strict ethical and compliant standards.
Could you imagine a picture of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or the famous Castle we all recognize, with the words fraud or Disney in trouble with the SEC? That would be the probably one of the biggest Public Relations nightmares in the history of our country. Disney is the benchmark in this country, of a company with a strong branding or image. We all know it “the happiest place on earth” is the slogan we know is Disneyland’s. It is because of this image and branding that compliance and ethics is the most important focus when it comes to implementing procedures and guidelines when it comes to the financial health and reporting of the Disney Company. From Disney’s own website here are some of there codes of conduct as follows: “Every Director must: (i) represent the interests of the shareholders of The Walt Disney Company; exhibit high standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgment; dedicate sufficient time, energy and attention to...

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