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Est 1 Task 1 Essay

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill.

There are four levels of social responsibility—economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. Socially responsible companies must uphold these elements by behaving ethically and with sensitivity.   Being socially responsible has a positive impact on society, business and development as well as contributing to bottom line results.   Studies have shown a relationship between social responsibility and profitability and have found that it contributes to employee commitment and customer loyalty.   In this scenario Company Q is not upholding its social responsibility and seemingly defined by pure economics which is portraying the business negatively.  
Company Q is a small local grocery store in major metropolitan area. Two of their stores have closed in high crime areas due to loss of revenue; however, there may be a direct correlation between the management’s lack of engagement and understanding of the communities’ wants and needs forcing the store closures.   Company Q had opportunities to improve its reputation and customer satisfaction, but chose to operate from only a financial standpoint.   After years of requests from customers, all of their stores began offering a very limited amount of health-conscious and organic products—all of which are high-margin items. The Company appears to be acting without social responsibility for its customers and stakeholders with this behavior.   One action I would recommend is carrying a larger and more affordable array of healthy and organic foods that do not strictly focus on the bottom-line with only high-margin items. By carrying a wider selection of goods including those with higher profit margins, the Company will have the opportunity to increase its revenues with additional sales while improving its community.   It is in the Companies best interest to listen to consumer demands resulting in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction....

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