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Essentials Of Business Statistics Quiz 1 Essay

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Bowerman, Essentials of Business Statistics, 2/e   1
Chapter 1
An Introduction to Business Statistics


1.   A population is a set of existing units.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Easy    

2.   If we examine some of the population measurements, we are conducting a census of the
Answer: False   Difficulty: Medium    

3.   A random sample is selected so that on each selection from the population every unit
remaining in the population has an equal chance of being chosen.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Easy    

4.   A process is in statistical control if it does not exhibit any unusual variations.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Easy    

5.   An example of a quantitative variable is the make of a car.  
Answer: False   Difficulty: Easy    

6.   An example of a qualitative variable is the mileage of a car.  
Answer: False   Difficulty: Easy    

7.   Statistical inference is the science of using a sample of measurements to make generalization
about the important aspects of a population of measurements.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Medium    

8.   If we sample without replacement, we do not place the unit chosen on a particular selection
back into the population.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Medium    

  Bowerman, Essentials of Business Statistics, 2/e   2
9.   By taking a systematic sample, in which we select every 100
shopper arriving at a specific
store, we are approximating a random sample of shoppers.  
Answer: True   Difficulty: Medium    

10. When beginning a study, we define our variable of interest called a response variable.
Answer: True   Difficulty: Medium

11. True/False questions are a general type of survey questions.
Answer: False   Difficulty: Medium

12. Errors of observation are a class of survey error.
Answer: True   Difficulty: Medium

Multiple Choice

13.   Statistical methods help...

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