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Essays Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Alexander, the son of Angelina, just two years old, was dying. Scarlet Fever and Measles were consuming her small body. At that time, few resources have made it difficult the possibility of vaccination and communications were not what they are now.
That night, in her latest attempt to find a doctor, Angelina took her son and walked a great distance to find a hospital. The news was not good. The doctor who examined Alexander, Angelina told that there was nothing more to do for the child, who was dying and that it would be best to leave it at the hospital.
 The doctor said she should return the next morning to collect the body. The doctor left her son in the small cubicle examination and went to make arrangements to take the child to another part of the hospital.
In horror and without thinking, Angelina took her son in her arms, covered well and left the hospital running. The doctor saw her and tried to stop it with the help of a security guard, but as only a mother can, she stopped with the force of her voice and her despair. He told them to let her pass because that child was her son and was her right to take it home to die. They dared not stop.
Angelina could feel the weight of her child and as she walked, he thought that perhaps the boy was already dead, but did not dare to stop and verify if this was so terrified by what he could find. I was desperate, in tears and crying out to God.
It was almost midnight and the street was completely deserted. There were no buildings around, nothing that would justify the sudden appearance of a woman walking toward them. Angelina had been vigilant of your surroundings to avoid any danger to her and her son, and she was sure had not seen anyone. This woman had very dark skin, his hair was black, long and very wet, and it looked like it came straight from a shower.
This lady approached and asked, “Angelina do you carry your child sick?" And before Angelina could answer, Mrs. continued: "Go...

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