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Essay of "A Gap of Sky"

  • Submitted by: flocht
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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A Gap of Sky

“A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is about a young girl who, like a lot of other young people, is exposed to a huge amount of pressure. She is caught in a dilemma between desires and expectations, because nowadays there is so much you have to live up to. You have wear nice clothes, do well in school, have lots of friends etc. So it’s not surprising that sometimes you would want to get away and forget about all that. In this story, the young girl, whose name is Ellie, doesn’t live up to her parents and teachers expectations, which results in her taking drugs, especially coke. We don’t really follow Ellie for a long time but on her journey for printer ink, she is still able to go through a big range of emotions; fear of death, joy, rebelliousness, dejectedness, freedom and so on.

After reading the first few lines, we get a pretty good idea about what Ellie is like. The description of her walking up with swollen cheeks and peeing in the sink gives us a good picture that Ellie is living on the edge where nothing matters anymore. It is clear to us that she isn’t living a very healthy life. Her wealth is terrible; her chest hurts and she has inflammation of her eyes.

“She sits on the bed, brings her legs up
under her chin, rummages for what she
can remember from the night before”.

This tells us that she had been very affected by alcohol and drugs, since she remembers nothing but glimpses. It also appears that this is something she does often, almost every night.
Ellie is a very unfocused and diffuse person who often gets distracted by
meaningless things in her surroundings not involving her actual purpose. She doesn’t think ahead of the present, she isn’t thinking about her future, because
she cannot cope with the fact that she doesn’t have one.
In the beginning the least thing Ellie wants to do, is to write that essay. But after a walk in the streets of London she changes her mind, well, she changes it a few times.

“Shudders. No way....

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