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Essay: Gw

  • Submitted by: kiki1
  • on March 22, 2012
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As the introduction states, global warming is and increase in Earth’s external temperatures. It has been blamed for many of the recent worldwide troubles. This includes the increase of hurricanes, higher temperature, droughts, and other environmental changes. Some strategies that are used to curtain global warming may affect global politics and economics. I believe that leaders in science, politics, business, etc., should consider economic, ocean, and land based troubles when making policies that affect global warming because these key issues surround the human race daily.
When leaders make policies that affect global warming they need to take into consideration what kind of affect it will have on the economy. For example, Source E states, “Is the question of whether the money we plan to spend on stabilizing global warming, $8 trillion or 2% of the World’s GDP, to protect future generations is better spent on alleviating current global human suffering” (Source E). Policies that influence global warming cost lots of money. The world has other priorities that need money also. Eight trillion dollars is a large sum of money. Money put towards global warming isn’t easy to get. Those who come up with policies that involve global warming need to take into account how much money it will cost to try to solve the problem because it is an extremely large amount of money.
Leaders who make policies that concern global warming must bear in mind what is happening to the ocean and those that inhabit it. The graph shown in Source B shows                                                                                                           that from 1980 to 2004 global surface temperature rose about 0.6˚ Fahrenheit. Many of the marine life find it necessary to have a consistent temperature. Increase in temperatures has a great affect on sea life. Some animals may die because of the necessary consistency needed. These animals may be crucial to the food chain. This may then...

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