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Essay: Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language

  • Submitted by: matildehoue
  • on April 15, 2015
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B: Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language

What would you feel like if you were not allowed to speak your native language?
The Welsh weren’t. Over a period of 150 years Wales transformed from a Welsh-speaking country to a near exclusively English-speaking country. Being one of those who were taught in an English school in Wales, from the time where the consequence of speaking Welsh in class was beating, Tom Law expresses his view on the linguistic takeover in his article Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language.

You don’t have to read more than a few sentences to find out, that this article is extremely informal: “ Its hard to give a toss about language when you’re an English speaker”.(p.1, l.1-2). The first to leap to the eye is the use of the expression “to give a toss”: a variation of the expression “to give a damn”, only with the swearword “damn” switched with the less extreme slang-word “toss”. If you read the rest of the article you will reach the conclusion that there is a tendency towards informal slang language. On the second page Law talks about the “(…) cultural twaddle that you don’t understand.”(p.2 l.64), “English telly”(p.2 l.97) and describes a explanation as “bollocks” (p.2 l.119). This informal slang-language makes Law seem unfiltered and truthful, and makes his language, and therefore his point, more strong. It also appeals to younger people whose everyday language mostly are filled with such slang-words and an informal way of speaking, but can therefore also seem provocative and unprofessional to mostly older, and more formal, people. But then, provocation seems as a way for Law to make his point even stronger, taking in mind that an article written provocative challenges the reader to think in another way than usually.

Tom Law uses a lot of irony in his article, especially in the start where he talks about the British Empire and its expansion in the colony days:
“English is a dominant language – the third most common in the world. It’s a source of...

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