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Essay About Culture

  • Submitted by: leenaw
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: English
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Leena Wazzan ENG102 Mar, 31, 2015

Following Rules in Saudi Arabia Culture

The meaning of following rules is to follow specific guides and rules in order to have order in the system, and prevent chaos from happening. In Saudi Arabia most of our rules originate from our religion.In this essay I will include two stories of two citizens in Saudi Arabia who tried to defy the rules, and of course there are consequences to such actions. I will also discuss how people follow rules in Saudi Arabia and what happened if they do not follow certain rules, and what are the consequences. In Saudi Arabia we have a lot of rules that we need to follow. Some of them are: women can not drive in Saudi Arabia, and if the women drive they have certain punishment for them. The second rule which is similar to other country is: assaulting or use violation with others, and this have certain punishment for different types. My first example about following rules in Saudi Arabia is about the story of the young woman who is named Lujain Al Hathloul. Lujain is a 25 years old, she tried to enter Saudi Arabia boarders with her car in a way that show support to women driving in Saudi Arabia. She was aware that women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. However, Lujain’s actions lead to consequences of her breaking the rules. She didn’t

Leena Wazzan ENG102 Mar, 31, 2015 follow the rule that clearly states that women are not allowed to drive, and tried to defy it. And she got punished for this; they put her in the jail until her trial day. This example is showing the definition of following rules, and what could happened if someone broke the rules as what happened to Lujain Al Hathloul. My second example about following rules in Saudi Arabia is about the story that happened recently, about a young women who is named Dareen. Dareen is 23 years old, And she got stabed in a public place in Saudi Arabia by a man who is 50 years of age. At first the man tried to give his number to Dareen, but she...

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