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YANAPIRAT   Nontachanok (Kwan)

Over the past 20 years, commercial influences in sciences on scientific research have become increasingly detrimental.

Over the past two decades, it is clearly seen that commercial and sciences have been
developed.   Afterward, business has been interested in spreading to scientific research.
However, commercial sections have been started to influences and put the pressure on the
scientific research. In this essay will discuss on how scientific research have been
impacted in detrimental way by commercial sections.

Business has a strong influence on science .Research is being undermined in terms of
both its quality and reliability. Scientist has been lost their freedom and independence to do
the research, due to the interest of the investors or ‘ sponsorship bias ’(Parkinson & Langley
,2009). For the example, the pharmaceutical and also oil gas have effected by commercial
sector. Government and companies tend to support on commercial idea. A misleading
message was given by the lobby groups. The tobacco and oil industries could be a good
examples that skeptic about consequence of a products.   In 2001, there was a conference was
held in London to look at these involvement. The point was raised by Nancy Olivieri,
the haematiologist of Toronto University were revealed about her experience
that commercial section tried to covered the research. “…Olivieri reveals that when evidence
emerged that drug had a high level of toxicity, the company that produced the drug and
funded the research went to great lengths to stop her publishing her concerns.”(Slaght,2012)

In addition, scientific research is now more focused on the arms industry, but military
hardware rather than looking peaceful negotiations. For the example, in the 1980s’ the US
government invested at least 20% of all research funding to support the country’s
need(Slaght,2012). Further example is the Space Agency programme...

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