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  • on April 17, 2015
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A wooden, rusty door creaks open and behind it is a boy standing on a stool. He jumped down and walked to the end of the dirty hallway where the sunlight grazes through the broken window. He sat down and his fingers grasped a piece of paper from his pocket. He started to cry, whimpering “Mum, Dad”. He stood up and took out his wallet. He placed the picture next to his ID card. His name was Harry.

A screeching noise burst out and caught Harry’s attention. He walked towards the screeching noise. The noise came from this room. A sign was on the door saying ‘Keep out’. Harry ignored the sign. He is finding a stool to open the door. A black box was lying on the way to find his stool it caught his attention. He is confused if what part of the mansion he is in since he hasn’t been here before. He is curious of whats inside the box. His arms started cramping while he was walking back to the door.

When Harry reached the door he placed his box down and used it as an replacement for the stool. When he stepped on the box it creaked like a 3 year old screaming. He twisted the doorknob in side the room is nothing but a black mark on the floor. The box all of a sudden displayed a message saying ‘Return to the black hole’.

Harry limbed around the house with the metal box. It was almost breaking his arm but he kept walking until he gave up. His fingers sliped and the box   came sliding down his hands like a runaway train. He fell right down on his foot with a giant crunch of his bones cracking. His foot was broken and he was screaming in pain. Yelling “mummy” but no one came since his mum is dead. He looked at himself in the mirror and tried his best to stand up. He tried and tried until he did it. He now pulled the box instead of carrying it. He pulled it with all his might thinking that there might be a reward at the end of this adventure.

The box is getting more noisy and is going to break and so is the floor since he is on the second floor but he made it to the...

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