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What is mean by civil religion?
Civil religion is a faith in which creates social solidarity. For example in American case civil religion is faith in Americanism which is a belief system in which attached scared qualities to society itself.
Briefly discuss the drawbacks of functionalist view of religion?
Although functionalist believe that religion gives a sense of a value consensus creating the norms and values of life, this isn’t very accurate as it does not explain why some member of society commit crimes such as murder which is condemned. Another drawback is that although religion is used in uncontrollable events creating social solidarity and social control it can also have negative effects as in some people may turn away from religion due to uncontrollable events such as death and may become atheist. Lastly functionalist do not consider religious conflict such as terrorisms such as 9/11 and the Woolwich incident in which the murderer used religion to justify his reasons to kill this means that functionalist do not take conflict into consideration which means that they do not provide the full reason and value of religion.
Outline the views on religion according to Durkheim, Malinowski and Parsons?
  * Religion creates social solidarity
  * Provides Individual psychological needs
  * Unites society in the case of uncontrollable events/life crisis
  * Religion creates social solidarity and collective conscience
  * Maintain value consensus
  * Totenism (Worshipping society)
  * Creates social solidarity
  * Helps during uncontrollable events
  * Legitimates and maintains societies value
  * Gives a sense of primary source of the meaning of life
What did Durkheim mean by the collective consciousness and in what ways is it linked to religion?
Worshipping of sacred symbols reinforces collective values this helps maintain social integration through regular religious rituals which remind members of...

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