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Persuasive Essay Assignment Rubric
Has the American Dream Changed?

Development and Organization
LEVEL 5Strong Writing8-10pts | LEVEL 3Developing Writing4-7pts | LEVEL 1BeginningWriting0-3pts | POINTS | TEACHER/GRADERCOMMENTS |
Paper has a strong thesis that describes the position of the writer on the changes in the American Dream from the 1960s to today.   Writer uses specific evidence to support points. | Paper has discussion of the differences between the American Dream of the 1960s and today, but does not effectively persuade through lack of evidence or strong thesis. | Persuasive elements are completely lacking.   The paper has no thesis or support. | | |
From Essay to Speech Worksheet shows specific content from the paper in each box. | From Essay to Speech Worksheet has only vague descriptions next to each box | From Essay To Speech Worksheet is only partially completed. | | |
There is an apparent organization strategy with strong transitions throughout the writing. | The writer has attempted to organize thoughts, but some paragraphs address more than one topic or topics are covered in multiple paragraphs. | Paragraphing has not been attempted and the information rambles with no apparent structure. | | |
The paper uses clear and specific evidence to support the points of the paper and further persuade the audience | Vague evidence is used and the writer attempts to persuade the audience | The paper lacks evidentiary support and is not persuasive. | | |
The voice is appropriate for academic writing and is consistent throughout the paper. | The writer’s voice is not appropriate throughout the whole paper and/or it is not consistent. | There is no clear voice in the paper and/or it is inappropriate for the audience and purpose. | | |
The diction is specific and clear.   Elevated diction is used where appropriate and used in a natural way. | Wording is occasionally awkward because of misused words or choppy syntax. | Word choice is...

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