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  • Submitted by: ykaramat
  • on March 24, 2012
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  The purpose of this research is to go in depth with many various struggles couple face with love marriage. The question that I want an answer to is,” What are some struggles couples with basis of romantic love face?” The importance of the question is to find out how couples correspond with their family about their love marriage.   The troubles they faced based on different background, religion and different ethnic group. Also to find out how the couples cope with one another after marriage.

                  For couples everywhere, the journey of love to marriage is filled with struggles. Theses couples make their romantic love a basis for marriage. Individual couples in both the present and the past have had a very tough time in getting their love marriage to be accepted, and to last. Love marriages have been shunned upon since the dawn of time. A couple who has fallen in love will have the society look down on them. This is either because the relationship is inter-racial, against their religion, or same sex. Another factor against love marriage is statistic. The numbers show arranged marriages have been proven to have a lower divorce rate than love marriages. However, the question remains why more love marriages fall apart. Many couples who have chosen their own partners do not receive any kind of support. Various hardships include parental disapproval, society disapproval and even their love fading away, where one partner is left alone in a failed marriage. Another problem faced by young adults is the hatred against same sex marriage by their own parents who will not accept their children going against societal norms. Although we live in the twenty-first century, these problems while have lessened but still exist. It still has an impact on the choice of the young population of having a love marriage rather than an arranged marriage, inter-racial or same-sex marriage and traditional values and do as they like because they find...

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