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A company is a place or factory where things are produced or made by machines or by hands. A company can either be providing a service or making a product. And this company can be profit or non-profit.
        I would like to investigate the services of research and development department in a company.   A field team leader   was appointed he/she will be in charge of the project   and the services   his/her job is to make sure the work is carried out properly   to scientific protocols and law of the community, and must be beneficial for the company. He/she has a senior research manager and development manager working beneath him/her. His/her work basically is to supervise the research team and data protection for quality service.
      As long as scientific research or services are carried out in a controlled environment, so it’s important the quality and data protection are put in place to protect the company’s secret from their competitors. And they also need to maintain the company’s image by keeping producing quality service and offering their customers their best deals for them to keep coming back.
      If there’s health or environmental issues the public and the team will like to investigate and get to the bottom of the problem so that it could be solved, it’s going to take a careful approach and knowledge to do this. As soon as a solution is found the team leader will meet with all people concern to see if the product or service in question can profit the company production or service will go public.
      Any product or services supplied by this company will be good for their customers because they have got the structure in place and also they have health and safety procedures.

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