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Ernest Hemingway- Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: penguin94
  • on March 22, 2012
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Ernest Hemingway’s short stories can be seen as a reminder that as perfect as a relationship can look to an outsider there is often problems within. We see this with both “Hills like White Elephants” and “Cat in the Rain”, where with his use of dialogue and narrative point of view, he highlights this idea and re-iterates it with the isolation of the couples. The lack of communication between couples leads to a breakdown of their relationship and the isolation of the individuals in the couples.

In “Hills like White Elephants” a young couple are waiting at a train junction on which they end up having a conversation about abortion without actually mentioning it. To an outsider it appears as if the couple are having a conversation about alcohol and then the world around them. Within the conversation the man wants her to have “an awfully simple operation” and the girl is trying to convince him not to make her. In the time period that the story was written, little was known about abortion therefore the man going on about it being just a simple operation. It shows the man’s lack of understanding of the actual operation and trying to make it seem simpler than it actually was, while the girl partially understands the danger she would be in, which could be part of her reluctance to the idea. With the operation being so unknown neither individual can fully articulate their ideas fully, which leads to the man having a drink alone in the bar, while the girl sits outside alone by herself.   She eventually comes to the conclusion that “there’s nothing wrong”. This could mean that either firstly she has decided to go along with the operation or secondly that she has decided that nothing is wrong with her baby, that something is wrong with him and she plans to keep it no matter what.

While in “Cat in the Rain” a couple is the only American one staying in a hotel in Italy, when the woman spots a cat hiding from the rain under a table, and decides to go rescue it. The man is...

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