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Equianos Travels Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Equiano’s Travels
Equiano’s Travels is an autobiography about the life experiences of a slave turned into a free man. Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped from his village in Africa and forced into slavery at a young age. He then travels to Europe where he later earns his freedom. Throughout the novel, Equiano’s African cultural background begins to mix with his sense of European lifestyle, which is logical considering he only spent his childhood in Africa and lived out the rest of his life in Europe. Once he is free, he begins to live the life of a normal, working African American man, which allows him to live in Europe comfortably and fit in to the European lifestyle with his new social incline. Even though he gained cultural knowledge in England, he was always tied to his African roots, which makes him identify as the perfect hybrid between both an Englishman and an African.
Equiano’s roots clearly stem from Africa, which is where the beginning of the novel takes place. He vividly describes his childhood in his village of Eboe, leading up to his kidnapping. He tells all about his family and village and describes what everyone would wear and their traditions, such as facial scarring. He goes in depth about their housing situations, how the houses were built, and how his village functioned. He also writes how happy he was at this time and then, in further chapters, explains how terrified and alone he felt when he was kidnapped and forced to leave his homeland. He explains how his father even had slaves, but nothing could have prepared this 11 year old boy for what he had coming.   These lengthy descriptions about his feelings and dramatic pictures of his homeland were important to show how important his family and village was to him and how much he cared about it and longed to return.
He continues to describe the way he was a slave in Africa in depth to show that he identifies with the slavery in Africa as well as the slavery he faced in the new world, because...

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